Privacy Policy

Our commitment to our customers

Dubarry of Ireland prioritises the privacy of our customers, mailing list subscribers and all visitors to our websites. Our companies Privacy Policy which can be found below, details what data is stored, how it is stored, who we share the data with, why we share data and specify your rights.

Who’s data do we process?

We process data from our website visitors, website customers and those who subscribe to our mailing list.

What data is processed?

The data that is processed varies from website visitors to customers to mailing list subscribers. A breakdown of the data that is processed in each scenario is listed below.

Personal data that is processed for mailing list subscribers

  • Email address


Personal data that is processed for website visitors

  • Pages visited on
  • Shopping history
  • Products and offers that we feel may be of interest to you


Personal data that is processed for website customers

  • Account Information for users who create an account on our website,
  • User ID
  • Password (in encrypted format)
  • Purchase history
  • Contact Information
  • Name, address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Payment history
  • Order information


What your data will be used for?

We will use your personal data to send you marketing offers, new product launch announcements and invitations to store events in your area via emails, provided you have given explicit consent to being part of our email marketing list.
In order to optimise your experience on, we may provide you with relevant information, recommended products, send you reminders of products left in your shopping bag and send you personalised offers. All these services are based on your previous purchases, browsing activity and click-through information on our website, provided you have given explicit consent to being part of our email marketing list.
Furthermore, the data may be used to process online orders made at Managing your website order includes;
1.     Processing your website order(s) on
2.     Processing your website returns on
3.     Managing your website order payments*
4.     Sending you email/text notifications of the delivery status of the website order
5.     Retaining your personal data for product warranty
6.     Retaining your personal data to handle customer complaints
*Please note that credit/payment card information is encrypted and sent over a secure server.

How long do we store your data?

For Dubarry of Ireland Marketing Mailing List Subscribers, the time limit for data storage is 24 months. For Dubarry of Ireland Customer Lists, the time limit for data storage is 5 years.

How we store your data?

The data that we collect from you is stored and processed within the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Any changes to our current method or location for storing or processing your data will be documented within this policy and updated on this website.

Who we share data with and why?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Continuing to use our services indicates your agreement with the ways in which we process and use your data as set out within this policy.

Dubarry of Ireland use the Shopify e-commerce platform. All account information for website customers is stored in a secure database on the Shopify platform.

Dubarry of Ireland and our website Services partners (DPD, UPS, Shopify Payments, OMETRIA, YOTPO, PRIMA SOLUTIONS) process customers’ personal information (for example, customer name, email address, and shipping address) and are therefore considered separate and independent data controllers of customers’ personal information under EU law. That means that each party is responsible for the personal information it processes in providing the Services.

The below companies may collect personal information when you interact with our digital property, including IP addresses, digital identifiers, information about your web browsing and app usage and how you interact with our properties and ads for a variety of purposes, such as personalization of offers or advertisements, analytics about how you engage with websites or ads and other commercial purposes. For more information about the collection, use and sale of your personal data and your rights, please use the below links.

Dubarry of Ireland may disclose your information to our third-party service providers, agents and suppliers for the purposes of providing services to us or directly to you on our behalf, including the mailing of catalogues. All suppliers that work for us will be obliged to follow our instructions and sign a contract that requires recipients to protect your personal information.

When Dubarry of Ireland use contractors, we only disclose to them any personal information that is necessary for them to provide their services and only where we have a contract in place that requires them to keep your information secure and only use it in accordance with Dubarry of Ireland’s specific instructions.

Who is the data controller?

The Data Controller determines the purposes for which and the manner in which any personal data are, or are to be, processed.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, Dubarry of Ireland, headquartered in Ireland, with an office based in the United Kingdom (“referred to online also as Dubarry of Ireland”), is the controller of the personal data that customers and email marketing list subscribers provide. This personal data is protected by Dubarry of Ireland under data protection laws applicable in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Companies register: DUBARRY SHOES, a company registered in the United Kingdom.

Company registration number: 93696

VAT registration number: VAT NO. 944 0865 10

Your Rights

As detailed by the Data Protection Commission in Ireland, the website visitor, mailing list subscriber, or website visitors whose data is processed by Dubarry of Ireland have:

A right to Access

A right to access a copy of any of your personal data that is being processed by Dubarry of Ireland.

A right to be Informed

A right to be informed of any data that is being processed about you by Dubarry of Ireland.

A Right to Rectification

We will be happy to amend any personal data if it is incorrect.

A right to Erasure

A right to Erasure declares that the individual who is having their data withheld can request the data be deleted without undue delay. Upon receiving a request to have an individuals data deleted, Dubarry of Ireland will process it.

*** For Dubarry of Ireland Marketing Mailing List Subscribers, the time limit for data storage is 24 months. For Dubarry of Ireland Customer Lists, the time limit for data storage is 5 years.

The following situations are exceptions to this:

You have an ongoing matter with Customer Service

You have an open order which has not yet been shipped or partially shipped

If you are suspected or have misused our services within the last four years

If you have made any purchase, we will be required to keep your personal data in connection to your transaction for inspection by the Revenue Department in your country. In this case, we would store transactional data for up to five years, so long as we have expired a period of redemption requested by the Revenue Department.


How to Exercise your rights under GDPR

Opt-out of messages from our email marketing

If you would like to opt-out of being sent messages from our email marketing teams, please do one of the following:

Follow the “unsubscribe” link in any of the marketing emails that you receive from us. You will be automatically unsubscribed from receiving any further marketing communication from us.

Edit the settings of your Dubarry of Ireland account on

Email and request the removal of your email from the Dubarry of Ireland marketing email list in your local market.

Opt-out of our mailing list

Dubarry of Ireland will send catalogues by post to customers who have opted in to our marketing communications. If you do not want to receive offers and promotions by post, let us know at or by calling us on 01608677622 (Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 16:30). Please remember our brochures are printed in advance, so it can take up to eight weeks for the process to be complete, and you may receive one further brochure.

Sign up to our mailing list

If you have previously asked us not to send offers but have changed your mind, please let us know by emailing or calling us on 01608677622 (Monday - Friday 9.00 am to 16:30).

Dubarry of Ireland respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it.

Data Protection Officer

We take data protection very seriously, and therefore, we have a dedicated data protection officer to handle your requests about storage, usage, amendments and erasure of personal data. You can email any questions that you may have to Please use Data Protection Query as the email subject.

Updating our Privacy Policy

From time to time, we will be required to update our Privacy Policy. The most up to date version of our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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