Fashion production and consumption has reached unsustainable levels. At Dubarry, we are committed to high quality products that are meant to be worn for years and not just seasons. Our motto is “BUY BETTER, LAST LONGER” - we encourage our customers to be more intentional about their purchasing decisions, and to care for their products to allow them to re-wear them year after year.

Running from 1937, Dubarry products are designed to be timeless and versatile, no matter the decade - styles that can be worn and loved longer. As a brand we are committed to continuously opt for sustainably sourced materials, from using recycled polyester to recycled materials for our packaging.

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Where to start?

Dubarry leathers and suedes are made with hides from the meat and dairy industry. We choose exclusively European suppliers with excellent environmental policies - suppliers who implement the best manufacturing methods possible for a smaller environmental footprint and high sustainability.

Dubarry designers have made a conscious decision to use 100% Recycled polyester where possible, retaining the same high quality with the added benefit of reduced carbon footprint during production.

Wool is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly natural fibres and also the ultimate performance fibre. Sheep bred for wool are part of the natural carbon cycle.

Sustainable Manufacturing - We’re picky about who we partner with

It is Dubarry’s aim to continuously review and improve the company’s environmental performance and to prevent and minimise any environmental impact. We recognise the long term damage that plastic is causing to the global environment and are committed to finding ways to reduce our use where practical. These actions include:

  • Investigating recyclable and biodegradable plastic alternatives
  • Alternative packaging solutions in our stores, e-commerce and customer services
  • Transit packaging - recyclable alternatives for plastic hangers and bags

We are also committed to recycling cartons and cardboard in our supply chain and ensuring as much re-use as possible. We have incorporated many materials into our products made from biodegradable and recyclable materials.


When your purchases arrive, you’ll feel better that they were created and packaged as part of a more sustainable process. Not only are all of our polybags are made from recycled material, we’ve also reduced the size of our packaging to reduce the amount of plastic used. Our hang tags are made from recycled material and we are fully committed to recycling within our supply chain ensuring as much re-use as possible.

Care and Repair

When promoting Buy Better, Last Longer, we can mitigate further harm to the environment by caring for our products and keeping our items in good condition (and out of landfill). One thing our customers love about their Dubarry boots is the longevity. To get the best out of your boots, engage in our simple care and cleaning routine with our dedicated range of maintenance products.

Dubarry boots can last for a lifetime if properly cared for. If your products experience any problems or are in need of repair, The Boot Repair Company can re-store your boots and waxed jackets and get them back on you for more life.

“Second pair of these boots, 12 years after I bought my first pair. Best I ever wore and would recommend them to anyone.”

"If I could give these boots 10 stars I would! I have worn my last pair of Galway boots almost every day for 11yrs! They are still very wearable, just a bit scruffy now. So I decided to buy a new pair! Just as comfy & smart..."

"My last pair lasted for 20 years before letting in water. Hope these will be the same."